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Ageladine A Ganztier Ageladine a Ganztier
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„Marnas“ is the short cut for „Marine Natural Substances“. These substances are the core of our offering. As a spin-off company of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven, our focus is the production and marketing of sea derived natural substances.

All of our substances are of highest purity and all charges are tested by the current state of technics.


 Primary culture of  rat Hippocampus cells &  Nausithoe werneri , Fluorescence (false color) = pH 6.1  and transmission

The pictures shown above were made with our pH-sensible fluorescence dye Ageladine A. To use Ageladine A there is no need for special laboratory equippment. Due to its high chemical stability and the facts that it is non toxic in used concentrations, the staining of organells, cells, tissues but also of complete animals (with incubation times up to several days) is possible.

That is the reason why Ageladine A can be used as pH-indicator (pH 4 to 8) or as biomarker within cells.

Ageladine A is patented as fluorescent pH dye and for the proof of viability.

As new fluorescence-pH-indicator we now offer LysoGlow84.

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